※This page shows the old-type Walkmen.

About Cupmen Holder"Walkmen"

Cupmen Holder "Walkmen"

This web site introduces Cupmen Holder "Walkmen" specially designed to hold an instant noodle cup and it was patented in Sept. 2008.  Cupmen Holder "Walkmen" is a unique practical product is not yet well-known even in Japan.  This product is designed for noodle eaters so that they can enjoy eating hot noodles neatly, safely without hustle.  

* "cup-men" refers to "noodles come in cup" in general.


Available in Japan only

One scene on a sightseeing in Japan someday

a scean/sightseeing spot in Japan."Ouch!"" I'm sorry."" Why not use Walkmen?"
"Why should they use Walkmen?""You need it for life."